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“aw that sucks :(”

me as a professional therapist (via spankmehardbarry)

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  • student: hey government can I have some money to go to university
  • uk government: sure here you go. you'll have to pay it back but only when you're earning £21,000+ a year, and if you don't pay it off after 30 years we'll just write it off, don't worry about it man
  • scottish government: nah man just go to uni we ain't gonna charge you
  • us government: no. you gotta pay it yourself. upfront. your parents have to save up from the moment you're born. good luck, fucker.

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Sometimes I go out I explicitly wear a band t-shirt to see if I can get someone to recognize it.  Most of the time I can’t get a single nod, but someday I will.  We will then became friends or even lovers, but it could be awkward as shit too.

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my favourite person


my favourite person

the moon song || karen o ft. ezra koenig

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I’m pretty sure this show is better in frames and captions.


Lea Seydoux et Louis Garrel